South China Tiger

Fun Facts !

  • The South China Tiger hasn't been spotted in the wild over 25 years
  • Their tail is typically 3-4 ft long
  • They usually have 30 teeth
  • They are also great swimmers

About The South China Tiger

The South China Tiger is a tiger subspecies . In Southern , China the South China Tiger has been known to be critically endangered . Since 1996 the South China Tiger has been know to be extinct in the wild . Ever since that is has been the most threatned tiger subspecies .


The South China Tigers usually live in rugged mountain enviroments. It also usually roams through China , South China Tigers are critically endangered for several reasons one of them are for there habitats.


After three or four months a South China Tiger gives birth up to 5 cubs .The Mother feeds them milk for about 2 months then the South China Tiger cubs are introduced to meat.

Prey & Predator

South China Tigers catch their prey by bunting it down and stalking it until they can catch it prey offguard . the south china tiger will eat almost any other animal. However, common prey includes monkeys, birds, small buck, and so on.
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