October 9, 2015

Parkman ELA 7

Multiple Choice Summative

The grades for the multiple choice summative taken this week can be found in PowerSchool, and students will receive their grades in class on Monday. Students who made 59 or below on the multiple choice summative are eligible for a redo. Those who wish to redo the summative MUST come in to me during Zero Block on October 13 (Wednesday) OR October 14 (Thursday) to analyze their original summative. They can also come in both days if needed. Attending Zero Block to analyze the summative is a requirement for completing a redo. Zero Block begins at 7:30, and students should make arrangements to be at school at that time in order to have enough time to work on their analysis. Students who are bus riders are strongly recommended to make arrangements to be dropped off via car so that they do not miss being able to redo because of a late bus.

Unit I Author Study Project II

On Monday, each student will present a book talk, which is the second part of the author study project. We have worked on parts of this for several weeks and spent most of Thursday and all of Friday working on the project. All students should have to do this weekend is practice their presentations. The book talk counts as a summative grade and will be scored with the same rubric used on the first presentation. Students should have two copies of this rubric in their binders.

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2nd Nine Weeks Novel

Next week I will be assigning reading for Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse. Students who purchased their copies from me will receive theirs when I assign the reading. Students who did not purchase their copies for me are responsible for getting their own copies. In early September, I stressed to the students that they would not be excused from assignments if they wait to find copies when I assign reading at the beginning of the 2nd nine weeks. Students can use e-books on their electronic devices, but any misuse of their device during class (playing games or texting instead of reading) will result in losing the privilege to use technology in class.