Urban Glow

We give you a unique combination of functionality and design

Positive Vibes meets graffiti

Hello there! You clicked here because you are going to buy our shelf right? Well, here you go! I am going to tell you a bit about our shelf and why you should invest in it. Our shelf is a little smaller in size compared to other shelves being sold. This means you can put it anywhere. If you put in a spot with a lot of sunlight, then you can see it glow at night! Our theme is graffiti and positive vibes, so one look at our shelf early in the morning, you will be filled with creativity and positivity. Bid for our shelf in the link down below.
Bid for Urban Glow

This link leads to our Padlet. We tell you how to bid if you do not know already. Our QR code for the website is just down below, in case the link does not work.

Big picture

What We Do

We're on a mission to bring you functionality and design into one holy mess. Our job is to integrate urban culture with positive vibes, on artistic pieces of furniture. Also, they glow in the dark.

Key Values

Mission: Our mission is to bring you customized shelves which express urban culture and identity

Vision: We want to inspire more people to express themselves. This is something very important as we grow up in a world where everyone is starting to lose their own identity, and just copy someone else.

Values: Identity, self-awareness, quality, and positivity.

Some More Information

Information about bidding for a shelf is on our Padlet, but the rules will be posted here anyway. The minimum bid is $10 and all other bids need to be at least $1. Below we have the location of viewing the shelf, the school's phone number, the site which you were redirected from to reach this website, and Kevin J's email just in case anything goes wrong. This shelf was made by Sonia, Nithya and Kevin J.

Message From the Creators

Buy our shelf! Just click the bid button way up above and we guarantee it will be worth it. The shelf was worked on for three months and we, the creators, (Sonia, Nithya and Kevin J) really put a ton of love and dedication into this. All your money is going towards SickKids, so buying this shelf helps children in need, and it gives you something fancy to look at and use. So buy our shelf! There is nothing to lose, and plenty to gain!