Dr. Lorraine A. Sherwood Library

Teacher Librarian not just for checking out books!

What a busy month we had in the library! Every 8th grader came through the library in November and I collaborated and taught lessons with FACS, social studies, math, science technology.

  • Pushed in to Allie Pink's class to assist with differentiation of lessons and small group activities and labs
  • Created lessons, videos and taught how to download pictures to google drive and create wordles for FACS
  • Worked with Cheryl Sugrue's class using iPads and the app Stop Motion to create videos about enzymes.
  • Pushed into Anastasia's class to teach students how to critically evaluate websites using Currency, Reliability, Authority and Purpose or quite simply the CRAP test. Take a look at the following cites - can you tell which ones are real? Google Technology, All About Explorers, Northwest Tree Octopus
  • Working with technology to differentiate lessons on robotics - come on down to see the robot we are building in the library!

Upcoming events

December 10 - Tech bytes with Patti and Angela in the library during lunches. Come to the library for this informal, voluntary discussion about the tech incentive. The tech incentive is available for all teachers, per our contract, that are using technology with students on an ongoing basis. This includes the use of the iPad with students.

January 9 & 16 - FACS enrichment, come find out why the honeybee is so important to all of us. Debunk some myths and taste some fresh, local honey provided by the Reichert Family.

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Wondering what Minecraft is all about? Come by the library on any Monday afternoon to see our students in action.