The Soledad Times

Curley gets angry! by Mihir

This all started one night when I was fixing a hoof in the barn.I was almost finished when the crazy bastard bursts in and starts to ask me in a loud voice where his wife is.I start to tell him that he should take care of his own wife and while I say that I see that Carlson and other workers staring at Curley and I,which meant that the argument would probably be all over the ranch by morning.I got all mad and started for the bunkhouse,Curley and the pesky workers following me.I burst through the door,yelling some nasty words at Curley while he apologized ''Well,I didn't mean nothing,Slim.I just ast you.''.''Well,you been askin me too often-I been getting sick of it'',I replied.Suddenly,everybody joined together to blame Curley,with Carlson starting it.''Why'n't you tell her to stay the hell home where she belongs?''.This went on and other people,including Candy the old man,joined the attack with joy.aLL Of a sudden,Curley's eyes went to Lennie and I swear,I saw a selfish glint in his eyes that explained to me what he was going to do.Lennie was smiling in glee,but that changed to curiosity when Curley yelled,''What the hell you laughing at?'',rage exploding.The stupid bastard slashed at Lennie with his left,then down his nose with his right.Poor Lennie put his head up,bleeding,and stared pleadingly at George,asking ''Make um let me alone,George''.Curley continued to slug him and I tried to help him,but George stopped me and yelled to Lennie,''Get him,Lennie!''.Lennie took a few more slugs,then faster than eyes can follow,grabbed Curley's hand in his own baseball mitt hand and started squeezing.Curley's face drenched in fear and pain,he tried to pull away,but that made it worse.Blood started to pour out of his hand,and we,frozen in the action,thawed and grabbed Lennie.It took a few tugs,but we finally got him off of Curley and he started crying,saying ''You tol me to,George''.George sat him on the bed then ran over and asked me,''Will Curley's old man can us now?''.Then I told Curley,who was white and shrank in the pain,that he would pretend to have caught his hand in a machine or I would tell everybody that he got beat up by Lennie.


Includes 10 acres of land,a chicken run,a kitchen,an orchard,cherries,apples,peaches,apricots,nuts,and some berries.There is also a windmill,a little house,and a stove.
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Letter to Boss bro


Boss Bro

Hi Boss Bro,this is Mihir and I wanted to send this letter to you because I wanted to tell you that you aren't treating your ranch workers right.When everybody puts the grain bags on the carts,you should organize people together who have the same strength.When Lennie came to the ranch,he was the strongest of all the workers,so hi partner always got tired because he coulden't hold the grain bags.

Another thing is your son Curley and his wife.Curley's wife always walks around and flirts with everyone,even though they try not to flirt with her.Then when Curley comes to find his wife,he thinks that everybody flirts with her,so he shouts at everyone,which makes them tired.

Mr.Boss Bro,I hope you find solutions to these problems,because they will make your ranch much better.