Marketing and Promoting on Spotify


Marketing and Promoting on Spotify

If you are an artist, then Spotify is the place to be, and throughout this post we will go over the basics of using this platform as a place to promote. We know this is one of the main problems people have, joining the platform but not knowing how to promote.

When you think about it, it is kind of simple – you just need to ensure your exposure level is on its highest possible level. You create a page and hope a crowd follows you to worship your work and that's it.

Of course, having a following makes stuff such as royalties appear, and Spotify isn't the best place to be if you're concerned about that as royalties tend to be quite low there. You aren't Monet, Elton John or Madonna, so you aren't going to become rich out of your first album, cover or single.

Also, there are a lot of huge fishes down at Spotify, so the competition is fierce!

That's where marketing to students enters this article.

Students Love Music:

Students love to discover new music, and they are at an age where they hate to just love what everybody else does, the fact that this is the age of the hipsters confirms just that.

This means that if you launch one or two student marketing campaigns that work, you can trailblazer your way to success in a smart way, gaining lots of fans and fans that are not only great in number but in quality as well, since college students are very effective influencers.

College Students Love Music Events:

Another thing that will confirm just how we targeted our audience just right is the fact that students love their music events, and if you get them to follow you they will undoubtedly help you organize some concerts or even get you a place in a music festival for you to show off.

They can even be counted on as helpers for your own career development.

Even if they are not part of organizing the events, many artists don't have a following that actually goes to their concerts regularly, and you can because they are at the right age to do so – not that going to music events has an age, it is just that they have more free time and are at the age where going to these events is more common.

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