Room 25 Newsletter

Duveneck Elementary School, Piper Joseph

Back to School Night

Thank you all for coming to Back to School Night. I hope that you found it helpful in learning about your child's 5th grade experience at Duveneck.

This Week in Room 25

This week we continued to build a community of learners in Room 25. Ask your child about:

-Learn-by-Doing Self- Portrait

-Collaboratively making a world map

-Discussed the US Constitution (briefly) and linked it to norms/values for Room 25

We also:

-Worked on identifying factors of numbers and engaged in "Math Talks"

-Discussed that reading is thinking and what the actions of good readers are (What do they do?)


One of the many things we will be doing is digging into the Scientific Method. We will have a week long project that aims to build a foundational understanding about what the scientific method is and why it is important.


Check out this resource's recent online newsletter. They have an upcoming panel discussion (Sparking Creativity) and other info. Challenge Success: