The New York Perseverance

Might as well call it News York


Perseverance can mean many things, such as being determined to accomplish a complicated task, helping someone who really needs assistance, or just bettering yourself. All of these things have to do with making a goal, and sticking to it. Perseverance isn't something you acquire along the way of your journey, you have to have it right at the start, and know you are going to finish. You will always be able to finish, it's just whether or not you know it yet.

Giving up is easier than losing

Once upon a time, there were about 20 girls from a small town. They had all broken the law at least once, and most of them were drug addicts. The girls' youth and how they grew up is a problem because of the fact that they took drugs, or are delinquents, or would have turned out bad. One possible solution is to round them all up and have them go to play Basketball. This is beneficial because first, it takes their mind off it, and second, it teaches them perseverance and that you can't always win. This answer has a negative side because a lot of them would get too frustrated with losing. Therefore, the coach showed them that it is another lesson to learn. As a result, many formally depressed players were cured of their depression.

Carry On

Comparing Two People From an Inspirational Story

Dartanyon, champion of the Olympics for Judo, and Leroy, a former bad kid turned loving father, were very very good friends. Dartanyon and Leroy are very different in many ways but also quite alike. They are alike because they both have disabilities, but the disabilities are different. They both grew up in a rather 'rough' neighborhood, and both never had great parents or anyone really to look up to. However, one of them had it sort of better than the other, and had more privileges. Leroy could barely do anything with his disability. They also did very different things growing up. Leroy became a father, and Dartanyon won a bronze metal for Judo. But despite their differences, they set them aside and manage to connect on a personal level with each other.

Pep Talk

Kid President's Pep Talk

Kid President is a motivational speaker and his work revolves around YouTube and his channel. In his videos, he tries to motivate the person watching but also makes it entertaining to them by adding jokes that could correspond with a child, which he is. Some of the videos have good music for motivation, namely "Households" by "Asleep at Last". This video has many characteristics, or traits, such as motivational, entertaining, and even maybe comedy. These are all important because it intrigues the viewer. This is a motivational video because it tries to get the person to get up and do something! Be active, and change the world. I think the most important reason is the music, because that usually helps me separate legitimate motivation videos from others.