By: Jeslyn Alexander

What a Veterinarian does every day

They diagnose and control diseases and treat sick and injured animals.

What are the working conditions for a Veterinarian?

  • Have a high level of social contact. They talk with animal owners and other animal health workers.

  • Are exposed to contaminants daily, such as chemicals.

  • Must be exact in their work. Errors or omissions could seriously endanger the health and safety of animals.

  • Generally have a set schedule each week.

Yearly wages

77,860 dollars a year


  • have a high school diploma or equivalent

  • complete at least two years of pre-veterinary study

  • graduate from veterinary medicine school
  • pass a state licensing exam

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Skills and Abilities

  • Communicate

  • Reason and problem solve

  • Use Math and Science

  • Manage oneself, people, time, and things

  • Work with people

  • Perceive and Visualize
How To Become A Vet (Veterinarian)

Recommended Core Classes and Electives

Math and Science for Core Classes


Anatomy and Animal Physiology