"Dealing with Losing"


  • 10 years old
  • 4th grade
  • autism
  • speech and language--perspective taking, social interactions, articulation
  • difficulty focusing in class
  • silly and inappropriate during unstructured times
  • impulsive
  • when loses games--complains, makes excuses
  • struggles with peer relationships


  • Teacher and student completed checklist
  • Both identified "Dealing with Losing" as an area of deficit
  • Hopes to assist with peer relationships

Define the skill

Review generated list of situations when someone might lose

Relate to the Green Bay Packers

Important to stay calm and respectful

Review Skill Card

Model the Skill

Observational Learning

iPad video of classmates--"modeling enhancers"

Identify behavioral steps

Establish Skill Need

Where, when, with whom skill can be used

Select Role-Player

Adam was the only student

Teacher-teacher role-play

Set up Role-Play

Setting--indoor recess

Conduct Role-Play

Think Aloud

Redirect if off-track

Someone always won/lost

Record on iPad

Provide Feedback

Reflect on each other's performance

Comment on how steps were followed

Impact on player's feelings

Reinforce positive behavior

Reteach when necessary


  • Success out of Opportunity data chart
  • Over time, percentage of skill usage increased
  • Often used Step 1
  • Needed most redirection with steps 2 and 3
  • Consulted with general education to encourage generalization
  • Probably better results with larger group

Next Steps

  • Involve other teachers, parents
  • Teach "Being a Good Sport"