Pizza Makes You Taller??


Studies have shown that Papa Johns pizza increases your height by 2 inches! The added ingredients to the cheese makes you grow each time you consume it. Papa Johns expects to have a demand shift of 500% from people wanting to grow more and more!

Soda Demand Rising

Related Goods

With pizza demand skyrocketing the demand for soda has increased as well. Soda is a complement for pizza. The more pizza you buy, the thirstier you get, the more soda you buy.

Papa Johns Giving Raises??


Papa Johns employees receiving a 5% raise due to the demand of pizza. The demand for Pizza has been increasing, causing profit to increase. letting the owner of Papa Johns give out raises.

More People? More Pizza?


With the increasing population in Texas the demand for pizza increases. The more people we have the more pizza there is likely to be ordered. Profits and sales continue to increase due to the great taste of the pizza and its natural ingredients.

The Future of Pizza.


Papa Johns expects to raise prices in the future to keep up with demand for good quality food that costs more. The demand for pizza now will go up due to the increasing price in the future. More people will want to buy now then later.