The Aztec Codex

Javier Rodriguez


He was a leader he lead his army to fight and went through rough times. He was in war a lot and succeeded his uncle Huitzilopotchli as the leader of an empire.

How he died

He got killed by Hernan Cortes in a battle that ended the The Aztec.

What he did

He expanded the territory, Charged the previous meritocratic system, Commoners working in the royal.

about him

He was in war most of the times, and had children


Sunday, Jan. 28th 1466 at 12am to Thursday, Jan. 29th 1520 at 12am

Tenochtitlán, Mexico

Tenochtitlán, Ver.

Montezuma was Born 1466 in Tenochtitlan and died 1/29/1520

Hernan cortes

Hernan Cortes was the person who killed Moctezuma soon after The Aztec came to an end

How he died

He got killed in a instant battle.