New parent New sleter assinment


Newborn appear apearcre

1. Hair all over body

2 misshapen head


4 .Bruises

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Birding with your infant

1. Skin to skin contact

2 .talking to your baby

3 .playing with your baby

4 .reding to your baby

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Toys for babies

1 .soft books

2 .stacking toys

4 .toys that make noise

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Bareast and bottle feeing

1 .Brast feeing giver baby in

2 .bartas feeding cartes a bond

3 .bottle feeing is coveinet

4 . Bottle feeing lets Dad help

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first foods for baby

1 .Rice ceral

2 .pareed fruits

3 .pareed vegetables

4 .preed meat

Finely chopped adult foody

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Chrasertice of a halthy chid

1 .Happy mood

2 .Bright. eyes

3 Halthy apperite

4 .sleeps soudly

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SIDS prevntion and cib safety

1 .put baby to sleep on back

2 .no pillows or blankets in crib

3 .use a tight finging mattress

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