Reed Flute Cave

Written by: Wesley

Have you ever seen something so amazing that you might die? I have. Reed Flute Cave is known as the most amazing sight to see other than heaven! Did you know that?


Reed Flute Cave is hidden in the mountains of Guilin, China. You will only find it if you look carefully. Reed Flute Cave is hidden behind reeds growing out in front of the entrance. If you want to find it on google maps the coordinates are 25.3044 N, 110.2756 E. Reed Flute Cave even has it`s own address which is 1Ludi Rd, xiufeng, guilin, guangx, China.

Additional information


Reed Flute Cave actually used to be an underground lake. When the water evaporated the calcium carbonate crystallized and become all those colorful crystals. The water also carved out the stone to make incredible stone pillars that look like items in nature.

Fun Fact

Reed Flute Cave got it`s name from the verdant reeds growing outside of the entrance. The "flute" part is because the reeds can be made into flutes. Cave came from, well it`s a cave.
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