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Based on the book by P. J. Hoover

Immortal Dangers

This story is about King Tut, who is trapped immortal in the eighth grade. His uncle, Horemheb, another immortal, is trying to destroy everything and make it about Set, the god of chaos. Tut will have to kill his uncle to make it stop. The thing is, how do you KILL an immortal? Tut and his friends will have to go on a chase for the only weapon that can kill an immortal and rid of Horemheb forever, but can he survive before Horemheb and the Cult of Set, his radical religious party, relinquish him for good?

About Tut...

Tut is an immortal eighth grader; and because he is immortal, he's stuck in eighth grade forever. His destiny was to become pharaoh after his father, Akhenaten, screwed everything up by making the Aten, the rays of the sun, the only and one god. But soon, Horemheb, his most trusted adviser, betrayed Tut and assassinated his family. Now Tut has to find the golden, immortal-killing knife before Horemheb does, while surviving the eighth grade again and his new mate, Henry.

About Horemheb

When Tut was the king, Horemheb killed his father, mother, brother, and the fish that young Tut fed. He then attempted to kill the king, but the gods made both of them immortal. Horemheb is trapped, but Tut escapes. Now, in the 21st century, his uncle is associated with the cult of Set, a group that worships Set, the god of chaos. They are bringing disasters to the city.
PJ Hoover Book trailer - Tut: The Story of My Immortal Life

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Vocabulary Words

1. Tut- the boy pharaoh.

2. Horemheb- Tut's uncle.

3. Set- egyptian god of chaos.

4. Pharaoh- egyptain word for king.

5. Egypt- the country where Tut came from.

6. Akhenaten- Tut's dad.

7. King- english version of the word pharaoh.

8. Horus- the guardian of Tut, son of Isis.

9. Immortal- not able to die.

10. Knife- a type of weapon.