By: Jacob Canon


burning 1.5 billion barrels of Jet A-1 fuel and in the process producing 705 million tons of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas associated with climate change

Why is this a problem?

If this is really causing global warming then we need to stop it as soon as possible. People are the problem causing global warming and it's from airplane fuel along with car fuel.
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Ways to prevent Air pollution

  • Reduce fuel emissions
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Low-sulfur gas
  • Reduce toxic air pollutants

Health Problems

Independent research from Imperial College and Kings College London has demonstrated that closing the shop door to air pollution on the street during trading hours results in a one-third reduction in the levels of three airborne pollutants hazardous to health
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Deaths from Air pollution

-Air pollution caused 29,000 deaths across the UK in 2008(2), and many times that amount of related hospital admissions. The annual number is rising.

Recycling: Helping the world

Paul Nedzbala, Executive Vice President of SRA's Health and Civil group attended the discussion and commented, "Taking care of our communities is a fundamental concept within SRA's enduring values of Honesty & Service and we are pleased to make public our commitment to reduce our GHG footprint.
A Europe-wide study published in the journal, The Lancet Oncology, concludes that long-term exposure to even low levels of air pollution increases the risk of lung cancer.