My plans for this Summer

By Matt Truster

I'll be having a lot of stuff to do this summer what with moving across the states and starting college. I see this as the beginning of the beginning of the best parts of my life.


I'm gonna graduate so I'll be moving to whatever college I'll be going to.

Thursday, Jun 20th, 10am to Sunday, Jun 23rd, 10am

Tahlequah, OK

Tahlequah, OK

It might take me a while to get settled in, but I'll work through it I guess.
After settling in with my family, I'll have to find a job and start college. This means I'll need to maybe get some loans, possibly a new car depending on whether or not mine survives the trip down there.
While I'm at college, I'll attend plenty of sports events and parties, but I'll be sure to keep my grades up too.
Northeastern State University Soccer Highlights
And hopefully, within 4 years, I'll be able to graduate and start working in the profession of my dreams. Telemarketing.