Welcom to Open House

By: Elias Khoury


the purpose of the Earthquake PBL project was to build a house for Tony Starks that can withstand an earthquake so the house will not be destroyed. Our model was constructed with popstickle stick,clay,straws,toothpicks,and string. The model was multi level that had enough strenghth and flexibility that absorbed the waves of the earthquake.


The project 30 hands was to research ways of improving the envirment by using green energy. It was determind that humans are increasing the percentage of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which could result in the destruction of the earth. The project outlines different ways in producing energy without the use of fossil fuels.


The purpouse of the invention convention was to use solar energy as an alternative resource instead of fossil fuels. We as a team decided to build a solar panel car. This car will use the suns energy to aperate a vehicle. This method will not produce any emissions that contribute carbon dioxide to the atmopshere.
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