Tobacco is Harmful

Never use Tobacco

The negative affects of Tobacco

It can affect you physically , mentally, and socially. Physically it can affect how you exercise. Mentally it can affect how your health is. And Socially it can affect how your friends like you.
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Social consequences

The Social consequences of Tobacco are:

  • Bad Breath
  • Unable to make/have friends
  • Bad eating habits
  • Oral Cancers

Physical Consequences

The Social consequences of Tobacco are:

  • Erodes Teeth
  • Lung Cancer
  • Gingivitis
  • Stomach problems


  • Addiction
  • peer pressure

Dangers of Tobacco and some Laws

Tobacco contains the drug Nicotine. Nicotine speeds up the heart. It affects your Lungs by getting Lung Cancer from Tobacco. Even if you don't smoke you can still get affected by the smoke by being around people that smoke. It is called second hand smoke. It is also against the law to smoke in public places. If your not 18 or older you will get arrested for smoking.