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October 12, 2015

Happy Fair Day!

Hello Wildcats! We hope everyone is enjoying their day off with lots of fair fun! Remember since we have Monday off there will be NO TUTORING and NO CLUBS this week.

We hope everyone was able to enjoy the RHS Homecoming parade and cheer on our 6th graders and their fabulous float!

This week we are going to start I-Station, which is a computer program to improve student reading and comprehension. All grades will have time to work on the computers or iPads at their level during the school week. Eventually the students will have their login information so they can also practice at home! We will update you all on this soon.

Parent Focus has rolled. If you need to sign up to see your student's grades (1st - 12th), go to www.risd.org and follow the link and directions. To sign up you need to know your student's' ID number, last 4 numbers of their social, and date of birth. Please note the staff will not give this information out over the phone for security reasons. You will need to come into the office to get any student information. For Focus Parent Portal support please email focusparent@g.risd.org or call 469-593-0811.

Science Notes from Mrs. Latimer, Instructional Coach

Good science literally starts in your child’s elementary classroom. Here at Heights we enjoy giving your child the opportunity to explore and ask questions about the world around us through our science lessons.

Each grade level will explore topics about Science safety, Matter and Energy, Force and Motion, Earth Science, Organisms and their Environments, and Earth and Space.

Right now many of our students are enjoying the opportunity to be involved in Invention Convention. These students will be able to become inventors and come up with new items for the world to use. We can’t wait to see what these inventors will come up with on October 9th.

Another thing that the students will have an opportunity to be involved in is the Science Fair. The students will do experiments and be able to apply the scientific method to their projects through their independent research. Watch for those fliers to come home soon in their Tuesday Folders.

The students also get the opportunity to go to the RISD Environmental Center each year. While there, they will explore topics about plants and animals. They also get the opportunity to explore the outdoors through a stroll in the woods and in 5th grade they get to explore the creek for fossils.

Science is such a fun way to get to know the students through their curiosity and questions. Takes some time at home and find out what they are learning. Maybe they will inspire you to find some Science during your day as well.

Technology Notes from Mrs. Wells, Technology Assistant

In the Richardson Independent School District all students in second grade through sixth grade have Google accounts. At Heights we are working on getting the students familiar with the log in process. Our goal is for them to access their accounts easily. The accounts give each student a space to work and save their files. If they have worked on something at school and want to add to it while they are at home, all they need to do is log in at home.

The login format is first initial, last initial, six digit school id @g.risd.org


PTA Reflections Program

The Reflections program is coming! Here is some information from www.pta.org. "The arts—and the National PTA Reflections program—support student success and serve as a valuable tool for building strong partnerships in your school community. Celebrate arts learning in your school community with Reflections.National PTA Reflections welcomes all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. Annually, thousands of students will reflect on a common theme and create original works of art in the categories of dance choreography, film production, literature, music composition, photography and visual arts.

The theme for the 2015-2016 school year is Let Your Imagination Fly. This theme—created by Rachel Sperry of Northwood, N.D.—was selected through the Reflections Theme Search Contest." To learn more, please stop by the Reflections table at the RHE Family Picnic on Thursday evening. One important note, for a student to be eligible to enter the program, at least one of their parents needs to be a member of the Heights PTA! So bring your $10.00 to become a member of PTA.
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Corporate Challenge

Our very own Mrs. Trish played darts for RISD in the Corporate Challenge in a mixed group and won the GOLD medal! Way to go Trish!!

Donuts with Dad

Thursday, Nov. 12th, 7:15-7:45am

101 North Floyd Road

Richardson, TX

Donuts with Dads is coming to RHE! Dads, Uncles, Grandfathers, Step-Dads, and all Father Figures are welcome to bring their students to school at 7:15am to have donuts and spend some quality time together. PTA is providing the food, students will need to have a person with them to attend, and once at the event the families need to stay together. To get a rough head count we are asking that you RSVP to the event.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

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