AGMS Talent Development News

Quarter 1

Curriculum Night

On October 2nd, AGMS held it's annual TD meeting for parents of Academically Gifted students. We talked about the creation of each student's Differentiated Education Plan (DEP), the Honors curriculum in Math and English Language Arts' classes, and extracurricular opportunities for TD students. If you missed the meeting or have further questions, please feel free to reach out to Courtney Armstrong at Also, please feel free to check out the presentation that was shared:

Math News

6th Grade--Students have just finished a challenging introductory unit on area and surface area of triangles, squares, rectangles, etc. The next unit is a study of factors and multiples. The focus will be around applying knowledge of finding the least common multiple, greatest common factor, prime factorization, etc.

7th Grade--7th grade students are currently exploring rational numbers and proportional reasoning. Students are expected to be able to work both independently and collaboratively while making sense of mathematical problems and persevering in solving them.

8th Grade--Students are working on solving equations and inequalities. Students will solve and show their understanding of math through creating arguments and justifying their responses.

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ELA News

6th Grade--Welcome to 6th grade ELA! Students in Honors and Standard Plus classes are reading short stories and learning the instructional skills to identify and cite viable evidence to support their arguments in Document-based Questions (DBQ). Students are also entering into a unit on the text, Sleepy Hollow!

7th Grade--Socs or Greasers--who's innocent? Students in 7th grade ELA Honors and Standard Plus are reading the novel, The Outsiders where they are analyzing the development of each character from beginning to end. Students will apply what they learn about characters to craft arguments around which group they think is innocent, the Socs or Greasers. In addition to the reading, students will participate in Socratic Seminars and are preparing to respond to the grade level DBQ.

8th Grade--Pick what I want to read? Yes, please! 8th grade ELA Honors and Standard Plus students have selected one of the following texts to read: In The Time of The Butterflies, The Joy Luck Club or the Invention of Wings. Upon reading the novel of their choice, students are writing a personal narrative and will conclude the quarter with a DBQ.