Welcome to Rome

LIfe as a Traveler

Let's start going!

The best way to travel through Rome is either by bus, by bike, or by walking!

So if you plan on going to Rome then I would pack a nice and comfortable pair of shoes!

Because you wouldn't want to have high heels if you are going to go on a walk through Rome!

Just to be safe!!!!

Foods and Attractions

Friday, Sep. 2nd, 8:15pm

Rome, Italy


The Five best kind of foods that you can get in Rome are...

Pizza Bianca (White Pizza), Fritti, Cardonara, Pizza Roman style, and Quinto Quarto.

In Italy many Italians really like the Cardonara, also for some Italians it is painful to imagine life without eating it.

Some of the best things to do in Rome are...

The Colosseum! It is a big and beautiful building in Rome!

The Pantheon! It is many peoples favorite thing to go and visit in Rome!

Also go to the Borghese gallery! It leaves many people speechless with how AMAZING it is!

You can also go to Palatine Hill! On one side it over looks The Forum on one side of it, and on the other you can see the Circus Maximus

Weather in Rome

Rome's weather goes from very hot in the summer to pretty cold in the winter and kind of damp in the fall.

The average high temperature is anywhere from 13 degrees celsius to 32 degrees celsius in July and then back down again in December!

The average low temperature is anywhere from 3 degrees celsius in February to 19 degrees celsius in August then back down again in December!