Let Us Lead You!

Join the pigs of Animal Farm today


Do you want to have a say in how you live your life on the farm? Animals unite here at Animal Farm and we are prepared to earn our freedoms back! No more slaving over the crops or being neglected and starved by the humans! We are throwing the humans out and starting a revolution! Join us in our stride!

Attention Comrades!


NAPOLEAN: the head of Animal Farm. He has the good of the animals in mind and is constantly working to make life on the farm more desirable. The fellow animals see the great passion and skill he has and hold tremendous trust in him. We all strive to work to our best ability to please him and keep the farm running smoothly so he can focus on carrying out the plan to completely overtake the humans. He would ofcorse pitch in with work if need be but we like to keep him away from the stress so he can be healthy and rested enough to continue being the strong leader that he is.

SQUELAER: Napolean's assistant. He keeps all of us on the farm informed of Napolean's concerns and requests and always reassures us that plans are turning out as hoped. He is our direct line of communication and information, so Napolean never even has to leave his office to deliver messages! That means that he can be focused on his own work all day long. What a dedicated and strong leader we have in him!