George Washington

First US president

The Wooden teeth that killed

George Washington was born February 22,1732 and died December 14,1779 at the age of 67.

George Washington was the first US president.

The medicines available at this time was Mercurous Chloride,bloodletting and blistering.

The cause of his death was a infection inside his mouth and the cause was most likely died of epiglottis.

His symptoms was he woke up boiling hot and gasping for air.

We have antibiotics to kill infections like this. Back in his time they did not have a actual dentist the dentist was anyone that could work a pair of pliers .

Key words

Calomel mercurous chloride: Made you have to go to bathroom trying to clean your system out.

Epiglottis: An infection on the flap of skin at the back of the tongue that protects the windpipe.

Crapshoot: A long shot not good anuff.

Carbuncles: A severe abscess or multiple boil in the skin typically infected with staphylococcus bacteria.

Important times in his life

In 1732 George Washington was born in Virginia.

1797 he returned to his farm after 8 years of being president.

1779 on the morning of December 14,1779 Washington woke up boiling hot and gasping for air.

On the night of December 14,1779 he died at the age of 67 years old .

Work cited

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Lane Tomer

Interesting facts

Some of his favorite food dishes were cream of peanut soup,mashed potatoes with coconut,and string beans with mushrooms.

He fell in love with his best friends wife.

He didn't have a middle name .

He owned his own whiskey distillery.

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