Watson and Crick

The Creators of DNA

Important features of Watson and Crick

Francis Crick was born in Northampton shire UK on June 8th 1916 and died in July 28 2004 in San Diego USA. James Watson was born on April 6 1928 in Chicago Illinois. James Watson is currently 86 and has not died yet. They started working together in 1951 and they were interested in the same topic in Cambridge University. James Watson and Francis Crick studied Genetics they were the first ones to discover DNA. Watson and Crick changed the world with DNA it helped it pick out different things in your body and you are made up of DNA.

Nobel Prizes and Achievements

Watson and Crick won 1 Nobel prize and they split it 1/3 with James Watson,Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins. Francis Crick received his Bachelor degree in physics in 1937. James Watson received his bachelor degree in science in zoology four years later than Francis.

Interesting Facts about Watson and Crick

1.They were most famous for discovering DNA

2.Watson and crick won 1 Nobel prize

3.They split the Nobel prize in 1/3 with Maurice Wilkins

4.They met at Cambridge University

5.James Watson has not died yet