By: Jared Griffin

Lymphatic cancer

Lymphoma ,also know as lymphatic cancer, is a less common disease that is found in your immune system. It is found in individuals about a third of the amount as breast cancer, but is expected to rapidly increase within the next 10 years. Lymphoma occurs when there are too many white blood cells in your body that eventually bundle up to cause many tumors, or a swelled up part of your body, inside your immune system. This phenomenon can occur in any single part of your immune system (lymph nodes, bone marrow, and any tissues or organs that carry white blood cells).

Hodgkin and Non Hodgkin

There are 2 types of lymphatic cancer. One is Hodgkin lymphoma, which is less common than non hodgkin, is when you have an adnormal cell called a Reed Sternberg cell. It is found from people ages 20-40 and after age 55. The other lymphoma is non hodgkin which is when the adnormal cell isn't found. This is more common and found mostly in ages over 50, but occur in teens as well.

Cause and treatments of Lymphoma

It is not for certain what the cause of this phenomenon is, but doctors and scientists believe it is more likely to occur in people of certain age, gender, race (etc).

With little know about the cause, the treatments are limited, but some courses of action that can help are chemotherapy (powerful drug treatment to kill off fast growing cells), radiotherapy (high level of radiation in one spot to kill cells), and a stem cell transplant (stem cells are fused with bad bone marrow to create healthy marrow) .


There is no definite know prevention option for lymphoma, considering that we do not know for sure what the cause of lymphoma is. Possible risk factors, however, are too much radiation from the sun, so it would be a good idea to wear lots of sunscreen
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How Lymphoma Develops

Self Thoughts

I personally don't know anyone with lymphoma, but the effects seem detrimental to not only the individual but to the family. To see a family member in a different way physically and mentally and see them in pain must be heart breaking. We must find a cure to this awful cancer