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Acton Weekly Update: 4/20/18

FTCSC Hedgehog Focus

1. We accept LEARNING as the fundamental purpose of our district and therefore are willing to examine all practices in light of their impact on learning.

2. We are committed to working together to achieve our collective purpose. We cultivate a COLLABORATIVE CULTURE through development of high-performing teams.

3. We assess our effectiveness on the basis of RESULTS rather than intentions. Individuals, teams, and schools seek relevant data and information and use that information to promote continuous improvement.

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Nuts and Bolts

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1. Fast Flash- May 12th, 2018 Encourage families to sign up. Be sure to register as an Acton family so we can bring the FAST FLASH trophy home to Acton. Every student who participates will earn a TIGER TAIL!!!! Sign up at this link https://fteducation.org/ Please share the link in your newsletters, on DOJO and FB pages. Ask families to share it also so we can get multiple family members signed up!

2. Volunteer Breakfast: We will be hosting a parent volunteer breakfast again this year and we plan to set it up very similar as last year.

Monday, May 14th (same as field day- volunteers will most likely already be here to help)

7:45 LGI Room

Catered by Wheatley's

We are asking each certified staff to donate $10.00 just like last year. Classified staff may also make a donation, if possible.-Please turn into Sarah P.

Please fill out the google sheet that will be shared with you with the names of parents who've helped in your room on a regular basis or that you feel go above and beyond for our students. We didn't do room parents this year so I want us to think about those who regularly helped out.

3. Awards Day: Awards Day dates and times will be slightly different this year. We will do three programs per day for only two days.

Kindergarten- May 22 9:10 AM

First Grade-May 22 10:15 AM

Second Grade-May 22 2:30 PM

Fourth Grade-May 23 9:10 AM

Third Grade-May 23 10:15 AM

Fifth Grade May 23 2:15 PM

Following the 5th grade program, students will go back to their class and parents will line the hallways with the rest of the K-5 students and staff to cheer on the 5th grade students during their "final" walk.

We will follow a similar agenda for the program as we did last year. I'm reaching out to RA Staff/ club/ activity leaders to get names for the certificates. Each classroom teacher will fill out the certificates for each of their students and each classroom teacher will select

  1. Outstanding ELA Student
  2. Outstanding Math Student
  3. Math Growth Recipient
  4. ELA Growth Recipient

Please start working with students now to write their student memories from this school year. I'd like to have three student memories submissions from each grade level (one per classroom). Once you know who your chosen students will be, please give me those names.

We will also need two students from each grade level for the pledge. Send me those names.

Related Arts Teachers will practice the program with students during RA classes.

4.Chromebooks: We are noticing that some students have been changing the settings on the chromebooks. Unfortunately, these settings stay with the chromebook and not just the student's log in. PLEASE remind students not to adjust the settings. Thanks

5. Fast Track: Thank you to everyone who has donated for the Fast Track this week! Please sign up to volunteer for this awesome event. See the flyer below. To sign up, email lynlie.schoene.k12.in.us and let her know you can help out. See you there!

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ISTEP- Third Grade is finished! Fifth just has a little more to do and fourth starts this week. Nice job teams!

Friday, April 20th is the end of the midterm.

Midterms will be posted- Wednesday, April 25th at 3:00.

DIBELS EOY Window opens on Monday, April 30th and will be open until May 18th. Please attempt to get your DIBELS complete as soon as possible and if you wrote a DIBELS SMART goal, that will need to be entered into PIVOT quickly.

Teachers- It's time to start collecting your data and determining the success of your SMART Goals. As soon as you have your data gathered, I suggest that you enter it all into PIVOT. I will need it to finalize your evaluations for this year. I must have all evaluations completed by May 13th.

Thank you Lindsey for sharing the Guided Reading Resources you won! While I've been encouraging all of you to begin exploring and learning about GR, I do want to caution you a little bit. When we start our learning about GR, we will be strictly using Jan Richardson's model with FIDELITY! If you are exploring -that's fine, but I do want to be clear our training may/will be different than things you find on-line and you will be expected to follow Jan's approach. The materials Lindsey shared are "similar" and can be a good resource for us. We did see that the lesson plan template is a version of Jan's lesson plan template, but not exact. Jan's lesson plan template can be found in her Next Steps Forward in Guided Reading book that I purchased. We know you guys are hungry to learn more, and I LOVE that, but let's take one thing at a time and not dive into too much too fast.

What's Coming Up


25 Secretary’s day

25 midterms posted

27 1st Grade fieldtrip

27 All Pro Dads

23 School Board Meeting


3 Bible Club

3 5th Grade Music Program

4 KDG Field Trip-- Indianapolis Zoo

4 4th Grade Famous Hoosier Projects

7-11 Teacher Appreciation Week

7 3rd Grade Field Trip-- Central Library

7 Evacuation Drill

8 KDG Assessments

8 KDG Open House 6p-8p

9 KDG Assessments

10 4th Grade-- Southern Indiana Trip

10 Bible Club

12 Fast Flash

14 Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

14 Field Day

15 Field Day--Rain day

17 Student Council

17 Bible club

17 International Fair at Kitley 6:30-8:00pm

18 5th Grade field trip-Southeastway Park

18 5th Grade Jam

21 School Board Meeting

22 KDG, 1st and 2nd Grade Awards

23 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grade Awards

23 Last Student Day

24 Teacher Record Day

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