Utilizing Twitter

A possible PD opportunity.

I am going old school technology and putting this in writing. Mostly because I have not worked through all my thoughts and did not want the Voxer message to be a rambling 5 minutes long. I think typing it out will help me to steamline my thoughts.

I find the survey we are going to send out as well as a possible 12 Days of Twitter (or 20 days) very exciting. However, at this point I know that I am one of a very few at my school who are on Twitter. And I am really the only one who takes part in #delachat. But I think that is because many think that Twitter is just for the Kardashians. (I stole that for the Colonial Technology Conference) I am sure that many do know or understand Twitter lingo. (right Jeff?) And even those that do might not know about Tweetdeck which makes twitter chats so much easier. However, it people had a chance to set up an account and experience how easy and beneficial it was to participate in twitter chats they just might utilize twitter and other social media for professional reasons more.

So, I am wondering if we can’t hold part of a PD day over Twitter to help people experience a twitter chat. We might not be able to do it this year since many schools already have their PD days for this year planned. But if we knew in advance that a “Twitter PD” was going to occur we could help people in our buildings (including administrators) get a twitter account ahead of time and the whole district (or we could break it up by grade level bands) could participate in a Twitter chat at a set time on the PD day. It does not need to be long… an hour. Teachers and admin. could log in in their classrooms or bring their laptops to a central meeting place. It might be a cool way to help everyone experience the power of a PLN on twitter. It might also help to encourage schools to get a hashtag so that they could share out the cool things happening at their schools.