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Language in Iraq

Arabic is the official language of Iraq. Modern Standard Arabic is used for formal occasions, such as television broadcasts, education, and communication in the written form. Informal communication uses several different forms of Arabic dialects.
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Language in the United States of America

English is the language most U.S. citizens speak, and one in five Americans speaks a different language in their house, with Spanish being the most popular.
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Dating and Marriage in Iraq

In any and all suspected inappropriate relationships, women may be killed by a male family member in an attempt to restore the family's honor. Also, the mother plays a crucial part in determining who her son/daughter is allowed to date. They will go and inspect the families' home to see if he/she is fit to marry her child.
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Dating and Marriage in the United States

Dating in the United States starts as early as thirteen years old, but typically begins around fifteen or sixteen due to the privileges offered at that age (i.e. being able to drive, being alone with the boy/girl). Getting engaged is usually done by the male in the relationship, and he gets a nice ring and surprises her in a place important to the couple.
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Apparel in Iraq

Clothing, for women, consists of flowing gowns and a scarf or veil to cover their hair, the entire head except the eyes, or even no scarf/veil at all (depending on personal and religious preference). Village men wear a dishdasha, jacket, an aba, and a keffiyeh or shemagh held in place with an aqal.
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Apparel in the United States

Dressing casually is most common for both men and women in the U.S., and an individual may dress to make either a personal or social statement in order to show their individuality.
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Iraq Instrumental Music