4th Grade News 12/1/14

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

Upcoming Events:

* 12/11/14- Stagecoach Family Night and 3rd Grade Music Program. There will be more information coming home later this week.

*12/11/14- PTO will begin selling items for students to purchase for Christmas. There will be more information coming soon with items for sale and prices.

*12/18 and 12/19-Early 2:00 dismissals

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-Before our Thanksgiving break, my homeroom had several teachers and administrators from the district visit our classroom to watch students do Number Talk and a multi-step problem-solving lesson. They were so impressed with the problem-solving strategies used by these students to successfully complete these complex problems. I could not have written a better script for how I would want this lesson to go. These were problems they had never seen that involved adding, subtracting, and multiplying. I was so pleased and want to thank these students for doing such a fabulous job! We have one more group coming next Tuesday. I think that will be the last group.

Because of our visitors, we didn't start studying our 12 facts until the Wednesday before the break. We will have our accuracy check and take up Weekly Math Fact Fluency Logs this Wednesday. Students are to spend 10 minutes per night studying the 12 facts. On the math log, students will log the time practiced, the activity they did, and get a parent signature. There is a total of 50 minutes required.

After the completion of the 12 facts this week, we will begin putting all the facts together for a final accuracy check. We will have that final accuracy check next Friday. Some great websites/apps students can use for practice is: multiplication.com, iPad or iPhone app Multiplication Table (free), iPad app Everyday Math Facts Practice ($0.99). I will also be sending home a game board that students can use to practice all facts as well as teach students a game they can play with regular playing cards (Multiplication War) that students can play with an adult or older sibling at home. Student should also have all the fact cards we have cut out since the beginning of the school year in the pouch of their binder. Please make sure they are practicing all facts 1-12's!

Social Studies-This week we will continue our unit on government. We will begin the week by reading and taking notes about the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Gettysburg Address. We will make a timeline on when each document was written and its purpose. My plan is to pick groups for each document on Friday and students will begin working on their presentations.

Reading, Writing and Word Study

Word Study: All groups will test on Friday! Blue will continue looking at open and closed syllables, but we will also be looking at consonant and vowel teams. Yellow will be looking at ge and dge endings on words. Green group will continue their study from last week on short and long vowels and schwa vowels.

Reading: We will begin The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this week. We will be reading in class, looking at character traits, and using our knowledge of the elements of fiction to examine plot, theme, and setting.

There will be a fluency homework coming home for this week! Please listen to your child read this on a daily basis to help him/her practice with rate, expression, and fluency.

Writing: We have finished our research and will begin working on our final presentations this week. Be looking in the hallway soon for our research projects!

Christmas Activities/Info

* Book Orders are coming home today! They will be due this Friday, December 5th. If you would like to place an order that will be a gift, just let me know and I will NOT tell your child about it, and I will NOT give the items to your child. I'm happy to bundle things up so they can't see and send it home or leave it in the office for you to pick up. Books make great gifts!!!

* For some of our projects, Mrs. Foster is in need of a few things. If you have wrapping paper you aren't using (it doesn't have to be a new roll!) or stick on bows that are extras, I'd love to use them for some of our Christmas fun.