Rocket Scientist

by Faith Klassen


To be a rocket scientist you must at least have a degree in Aerospace, Mechanical, or Electrical depending on what field you want to enter in.

When working in or with big corporations training such as ‘NASA’ you must go through 30 hours of testing your knowledge of curriculum dealing with mathematics, statistics, and computer science. Which you must pass you to giving an opportunity to have a job with them.

How much do they earn a year

Of course there are variations of different salaries depending on where you work but the normal wages are aerospace engineers make on average 104,000 per year, other engineers make anywhere from 86,000 to 110,000. Computer scientist (that deal with the computer systems that run rockets and spaceships) get on average 90,000 to 116,000 a year.


Rocket scientists and aerospace engineers generally work on the design and testing of rocket-propelled vehicles, such as orbiting spacecraft or missiles. Making sure the machines are working and putting the right formulas together to get positive results are something they make sure they have to do. Board meetings about future projects and technical problems are often made and are not short. It is the workers responsibilities to make sure everything is on code and going well.

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Where would you need to live?

when working for big corporation just as 'NASA' there are alot of place you could live; california, texas, Tennessee, kentucky, south dakota, etc. Though corporations such as 'NASA' usually live in big cites close to open areas for testing.
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