The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

March 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

First off, let's keep our fingers crossed for a normal day of school tomorrow. What a strange situation - snow on the first day of Spring...

I would like to give a huge thank you to Megan our test coordinator, all of our test administrators, the proctors, trouble shooters and everyone involved in our first ever administration of the PARCC. We are almost at the end of the line for regular testing (we still have make ups and another round in May, but we will survive). It has, once again, shown that we can do anything upon which we focus and that we have an amazing group of students and staff.

Lastly, I hope that you enjoyed last Friday's PD session as much as I did. Regardless of our position/job in the building, the concept of Asking/Analyzing is so unbelievably important. I loved that Dave Burgess said that people aren't just born 'creative' or not, creative people toil, think, plan, fail and learn how to become more creative and more engaging in their day to day work. Over the next several weeks, I would like everyone to think about the questions that Mr. Burgess lays out in his book attached to each hook (see me if you'd like a copy). We have designated April 2nd as "Teach Like a Pirate Day." It is the perfect time to utilize the passions that you have in your life (even those outside of school) in order to allow you to create exciting opportunities for children to learn (even when they are reluctant to). It is exciting to think about what we would become. We have a treasure map in front of us (yes, pun intended) based upon the presentation and the book by Dave Burgess to help up all become even more engaging and have even more fun doing what we are so lucky to do - teaching and working with kids. Remember what he said, "the importance of what we do cannot be measured by tests; it can only be measured by generations."

Take pride in all of the great things that go on at Ben Franklin, but let's work to get a little bit better every day! Keep up the excellent work and happy Friday.



Quote of the Week:

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Week of 3/23: Group 4 AM Car Line (Rigby, Rosser and Simon)

Monday, 3/23 – First Grade school concert, 10:00 am

Monday, 3/23 - Data meetings

Monday, 3/23 - Science Night posters and experiment registrations due

Tuesday, 3/24 – First Grade parent concert, 9:30 am

Wednesday, 3/25 – Faculty Council meeting

Thursday, 3/26 – Science Night


Friday, 3/27 – School Spirit assembly

Spirit Day – Blue and White

Conference schedule choices are due to Cindy Brecko

Week of 3/30: Group 1 AM Car Line (Pacuta, Van Metre, Duncan and Vinch)

Timed Writing #3

Monday, 3/30 - No Meeting (already had 4 in March)

Tuesday, 3/31 – Class photos with Photo Haven *Staff Photo too 3:45*

Tuesday, 3.31 - Dr. Madden's TCNJ class to help work in SNAP Space & school grounds all day

Thursday, 4/2 – SGO assessments to have been given

Thursday, 4/2 -No AM Grade Level Collaboration Mtg.

Friday, 4/3 – Spring recess begins

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