Up-Cycling Project Documentation

Kasi, Erin, Danielle, Winston


The core of our steps concerning the actual chairs were to pull their seats out, sand them down to remove all of the original stain, and to stain them again with a color that we chose. We finished all of our steps on time and in an organized manner because we made sure to work together as a group to accomplish our goals. Now that we are finished with the chairs we are working on adding a seat across them both to form a bench. We have already cut the plywood we are actually screwing into the seats to join them together. On top of that we have attached our cushions to the plywood. Our next step will be to attach our fabric around the plywood so it looks upholstered, but we are going to just staple it around the bottom. After that we will screw the board onto the chairs so they are finished into one single bench.