Adarsh Alphons

someone who loves the world of art

someone who belives that art is the world

Adarsh founded ProjectArt because he truly believes that art saves lives. Expelled from school when he was just seven years old for drawing in every class, by the time he was fifteen, he was painting portraits for Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and the Pope – all because one art teacher perceived his passion for art and believed in him. Having lived in Harlem and having seen himself in the youth from the neighborhood, he wants to make sure they too have the opportunities that will help them work through their personal challenges, stay in school, while giving them an outlet to express themselves creatively and constructively.

more about his life

Growing up in India, Adarsh Alphons was expelled from school for doodling. He continued drawing in class at his new school, but there he got a different reaction.

"The principal said, 'You know what? Just keep drawing in every class. Draw on the walls of each class. After you've finished the walls, go to the next class, draw on those walls. Paint the whole school.'"

Shortly after, Alphons had the opportunity to present a drawing to Nelson Mandela and later was commissioned by the Vatican to do a painting for Pope John Paul II.

Now an artist in New York City, Alphons was disheartened to learn that nearly three in 10 public schools lack even one full-time arts teacher. And across the country, when it comes to school budget cuts, arts programs are often among the first to go.