Inca Artwork

By: Kasie S.

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The Incas artwork represented their heritage and culture. When each person drew they thought of their heritage and culture then put that in their artwork. For example if you liked drawing and you were mad you would make something that would express how you feel.

They used geometrical shapes to create their masterpieces. In order to make the kind of artwork that the Incas made you had to draw shapes and put them together to make on big picture. For example you have legos and you want to build a tower you have to take shapes (the lego brix) and put them together.

The Incas decorated their food plates out of gold. The reason they did that was because they saw the sun and thought it was shiny so they made their plates to sparkle like the sun. For example if you saw something you liked or loved that might give you inspiration to create something that looks like your inspiration

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· How did the Incas art express their culture, why was it important to them and what did it mean to them?