Peter Popoff Ministries

The Good News by Peter Popoff

There was a person who has been so blessed named Peter Popoff. In his starting years in the ministry, he was called by God to do the mission of going to Eastern Europe and reach out an underground church which was condemned by Communism.

Before transferring to the United States, the father and also the grandfather of Peter have experienced being tortured because of battling for what they passionately believed. Even though Peter's father was harassed by the Communist government still they have managed to get away from Berlin and gone to US with their family in 1950. Because of the experiences of persecution during his childhood years, Peter was called by God to join the ministry.

* In 1971, after finishing college, Peter Popoff betrothed Elizabeth and began establishing the Peter Popoff Ministries.

*It was in 1976 that Popoff started his ministry through a radio program and continued it by preaching at congregations as well as conferences all over America. It was during that time where he courageously lead the smuggling operations for Bible making way into the Iron Curtain of Eastern Europe and the Bamboo Curtain of China.

*Moreover, Peter used every methods necessary to spread the great news to the people in such nations.

*It had been in 1980's and 1990's in which Peter Popoff was utilizing helium filled balloons as a way to flood the places with God's good news. Packets filled with Gospels were sealed in watertight coverings and taken by the tides to teachers in areas where the Gospel was prohibited. The effect of these Gospel Invasions was extraordinary.

*To this day, thousands of underground Christian believers are extremely thankful for Peter's commitment. Peter Popoff helped them draw out the religious life they have from inside.

* Peter also said that the Gospel can open "closed doors", no matter the circumstances are. Starting teams can make use of various ways of distributing the Gospel like dropping literatures into the sea, filling up balloons with tracks, or other method possible, just for the Gospel to get to the shores of countries where the Gospel was made unfamiliar. Peter Popoff directly or indirectly sent out tons of Gospel books throughout the world.

* Apparently, crowds from far off areas also gather around Reverend Popoff in listening to him preach and to experience the power of God through him. Once, in Odessa, Russia, 30,000 people amassed during a service with him, where they seen God's amazing things, setting them free from the bondage they're in.

* In the time of his years as a child, Peter believed he was called to reach the world with the Gospel. He has the eagerness to evangelise the word of God to all people, allowing them to experience his omniscience and love for humanity.

* Popoff expanded his works in 1982 as he started a TV program. His weekly show is now made available around the globe - North America, Europe, North Africa and Middle East, in particular.

* Peter Popoff was the person who brought the ministry which revealed the miracle of Jesus Christ for a period of 40 years.

Reaching out to those who are oppressed and providing the good news have always been the mission of Peter Popoff Ministries. Countless of men, women and children are cured supernaturally with the work of Peter's ministry.

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