book by Jeff Probst summary by Olivia Lindsey

About the book

First in the book they were on a boat sailing and then a big storm came and Dex and Joe got lost in the ocean and the kids Jane, Vanessa, Carter, and Buzz got stranded on an island and they are trying to call help but then the phone dies so they never get the call done so they are there for a long time and Carter and Jane were getting water and they got hit by the tides on their mission to find water because they were standing on a ledge and i think my understanding was that they fell off the path they were walking on because it was like moist.then at the end they go to the cave Jane and carter found to stay for the rest of the time because the boat got destroyed even more and got lost in the ocean so they came up with the had to stick together from now on in the cave and that was it for that book. p.s there is more books.


What is Buzz's real name? It is Benjamin

Why were Jane and Carter looking for water? Because their water bucket broke.