Crosby Scholars Senior Program Newsletter - February 2019

Our Mission

We will assist public middle and high school students in Forsyth County in preparing themselves for successful college enrollment.

Our Vision

We seek to ensure that every public school student in Forsyth County has the opportunity to attend college.

Important Dates

February 3rd - Joyce Kohfeldt Determination Award Deadline

February 3rd - Wake Forest University/Crosby Scholars Scholarship Deadline

February 4th - Advancing Capitalism Scholarship Opens

February 4th - Goodwill Willpower Scholarship Opens

February 8th - Deadline to Register for March 9th SAT

February 9th - ACT Test Date

February 10th - Mommie J Scholarship Deadline

February 11th - Sigma Pi Phi Fraternity (Gamme Kappa Boule) Scholarship Opens

February 12th - CSA #20N & CSA #20-O Scholarship Labs

February 17th - Mona W. Lovett Community Volunteer Excellence Award Deadline

February 17th - Mona W. Lovett Excellence in Volunteer Leadership Award Deadline

February 17th - Mona W. Lovett Outstanding Commitment to Service Award Deadline

February 17th - Mona W. Lovett Service and Relationships Award Deadline

February 18th - AAMPED Scholarship Opens

February 21st - CSA #19 Transitioning to College for Students with Disabilities

February 25th - Harry Scofield Memorial Book Scholarship Opens

February 27th - CSA #20P & CSA #20Q Scholarship Labs

If you have not earned two CSA's to fulfill the academy requirement, check out the remaining options below:

Registration is required through your Crosby Scholars Student Portal.

  • CSA #20N Scholarship Lab will be held on February 12th from 4:30-5:30pm
  • CSA #20-O Scholarship Lab will be held on February 12th from 5:30-6:30pm
  • #19 Transitioning to College for Students with Disabilities II will be held on February 21st from 6:00-7:30pm
  • CSA #20P Scholarship Lab will be held on February 27th from 4:30-5:30pm
  • CSA #20Q Scholarship Lab will be held on February 27th from 5:30-6:30pm

There will be NOT be ANY academies after February 27th!

Thank You Advisors!

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We are so grateful for our dedicated advisors who mentor our seniors each year. Thank you for all you do to support and advocate for your students to help them prepare for a successful future!

PEA & WFU Debate's Fourth Annual Environmental Debate Tournament!

It's not too early to begin thinking about volunteering at Piedmont Environmental Alliance's Earth Day Fair, the biggest environmental event in the region. The fair will take place on Saturday, April 13 from 10am to 4pm at the Winston-Salem Fairgrounds. This is a fun opportunity to get involved in your community, meet other like-minded individuals, and learn more about the environmental and sustainability events happening in central North Carolina. If you would like to volunteer, please contact Melanie Eddington at

National School Counseling Week - February 4-8, 2019 - Thank your school counselors!

Student Financial Aid Reminders

  • Applying for federal student financial aid is FREE.
  • Students reapply for student financial aid each year.
  • The financial aid forms that you complete are for the 2019-2020 school year.
  • Complete your FAFSA as soon as possible. It has been available since October 1, 2018
  • List any school you are considering on your FAFSA, even if you haven’t applied or been accepted yet.
  • Use the IRS Data Retrieval Tool when completing the FAFSA on the Web.
  • Always put your name and student ID number on information submitted to colleges.
  • Keep a copy of documents submitted to colleges. Don’t ever send your only copy of a document anywhere.
  • You will use 2017 tax returns to submit the FAFSA for the 2019-2020 school year. You DO NOT have to wait until your 2018 taxes are complete.
  • If you change colleges, your student financial aid does NOT go with you.
  • The student financial aid process is time sensitive!

Conference Notes 4 Deadline -- February 22

Don't wait until the last minute to meet with your advisor! Your advisor’s e-mail address is listed in your Crosby Scholars Student Portal. When conference notes are past due, they are posted as an alert in your Crosby Scholars student portal. Contact the Senior Program if you have a question about your conference notes status.

Save the Date - Senior Honors Gala

The Crosby Scholars Program hosts an annual Senior Honors Gala to celebrate the graduating class and all their accomplishments as Crosby Scholars. This year, the Gala will be held on May 2, 2019. ALL seniors are invited to attend. Mark your calendars, we look forward to seeing you! Invitations will be mailed in early April. Be sure your current address is listed in your Crosby Scholars Student Portal.
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8 Tips for Battling Senioritis in High School

1. Remember that grades still matter.

2. Think of yourself as a college-student-in-training.

3. Nix bad habits before they start.

4. Focus on earning college credit.

5. Keep yourself challenged and stimulated.

6. Set specific goals for yourself.

7. Take it one day at a time.

8. Last but not least, have fun!

Read the full article on College Countdown, HERE!

Parents can monitor their senior’s Crosby Scholars student portal, view announcements and events, and confirm if their senior has fulfilled each program requirement by logging into their parent portal. If you need assistance accessing your parent portal, email seniorprogram@crosbyscholars.or or call our office at 336.725.5371.

Only students who complete the Crosby Scholars Senior Program are eligible to apply for Last Dollar Grants and Crosby scholarships.