Tech Tip

How to take a screenshot

Why would you need to take a screenshot?

A common reason is to send the image of a problem you are experiencing to the HelpDesk or to me. Below are steps on how to take a screen shot on either a Mac or PC

Screenshot on a Mac

These will be saved as files on your desktop.

Method 1: Capture your entire screen - Press Command (⌘)-Shift-3. The screenshot is added to your desktop.

Method 2: Capture some of your screen - Press Command (⌘)-Shift-4, and then drag the crosshair pointer to select the area. Hold Shift, Option, or the Space bar while you drag to resize the selection area. To cancel, press Escape (esc) before you release the mouse button. The screenshot is added to your desktop.

Method 3: Capture a specific window - Press Command (⌘)-Shift-4, press the Space bar, move the camera pointer over the window to highlight it, and then click. The screenshot is added to your desktop. This works with open Finder windows and most application windows.

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Screenshot on a PC

Method 1: Press the "Print Screen" " PrtScn key on your keyboard. This will capture an image of your entire screen and copy it to the clipboard. Next Paste the screenshot: you will need to paste it to a program in order to see it. The most common way to paste it is into a Paint file. This will allow you to save it as an image file that can be transferred to others.

  • Open Paint from the Accessories section in your Start menu (located in the bottom left-hand corner of screen & is accessed by clicking the Start button). With a new blank canvas open, press ^ Ctrl+V to paste the image onto the canvas. You can also open the Edit menu and select Paste, or right-click on the canvas and select Paste.
  • Click File, then Save to set the name and file type of the image. The most common file types are JPG and PNG. The recommended format for screenshots is PNG, due to the high quality and small file size.
  • You can also paste the screenshot into other programs, such as Word or into the body of an email. Simply open the program that you want to paste the image into and press ^ Ctrl+V.

Method 2: Using the Snipping Tool. Open the Snipping Tool. The Snipping Tool is available in all versions of Windows Vista, 7, and 8 except the Starter and Basic editions.

  • In Windows Vista and 7, click the Start button (located in the bottom left-hand corner of screen & is accessed by clicking the Start button), select All Programs, then Accessories. Select the Snipping Tool from the list.
  • In Windows 8 simply start typing “snipping tool” while on the Start screen and select it from the Search results.

For steps on how to use the tool, visit: