Battle Of Shiloh

Created By:Kayla Rincon

When Did This Battle Begin ?


What happen This Day ?

Confederate forces attacked Union forces under General Ulysses S. Grant at Shiloh Tennessee.

Why Is This Event Important ?

It was one of the major early engagements of the American Civil War. It also showed the importance of transportation on the outcomes of battles.

What Impact Did The War Have On It ?

It had massive loss of life's , General Grant got accused of not preparing enough.

When Did The Battle End ?

April-7-1862 in the morning.


•Shiloh means "peace".

•Shiloh is the 9th deadliest battle during the civil war.

•An estimated of 300 women disguised themselves as men and caught in the ranks.

•There were over 2,000 boys who were 14 years old or younger in the union ranks. Three hundred were 13 years or less, while there were 200,000 no older than 16.

•About 15% of the wounded died in the civil war.

•The union had about 13,000 casualties and the confederates had about 11,000.

•The armies of Tennessee and Ohio outnumbered the army of Mississippi by about 20,000 men.

•More than 620,000 people, or 2% of the population, died in the civil war.

Who Won The Battle ?

The Union did.