Grant Alvernaz

Managing Partner and Primary Member of Epic Equity LP

Grant Alvernaz

Grant Alvernaz is a consummate real estate professional. He is currently involved in the management of two separate real estate investment funds. Grant Alvernaz manages a real estate debt fund for Alvernaz Partners and a private equity fund for Epic Equity LP. Grant Alvernaz is also a professional real estate broker for and owns his own brokerage firm. As a professional, Grant Alvernaz is committed to high-quality client services.

Grant Alvernaz: A Leader and Manager

As a very successful real estate broker, Grant Alvernaz says that success often comes from within. Over the years,Grant Alvernaz has been recognized for his many impressive achievements as an investor and real estate broker. It seems that no matter which resident Mr. Alvernaz invests in, success in that community is soon to follow. When asked what the secret is to his success, Mr. Alvernaz offers a number of guide lines for real estate success that is mostly managerial. First and foremost ,Mr. Alvernaz says, is establishing a strong work ethic in your team. Mr. Alvernaz says that nothing can be achieved without lots of drive and dedication, which is why he focuses on goal oriented programs and procedures for his team at Alvernaz Partners LLC, to help keep everyone on the same track.

One of the most vital tools of being a good manager, says Grant Alvernaz, is to lead by example. Mr. Alvernaz says that his partners always react better to his requests when he participates with them, especially when it comes to making potentially risky investments. Mr. Alvernaz says that leading by example not only wins him the trust of his partners, but is a great way for he himself to learn more about his field. One of the last bits of advice Mr. Alvernaz offers when speaking of business management, is the old saying 'Confidence is Key.' Mr. Alvernaz says that gaining the confidence of your investors and partners is the epitomy of success, and that with their unabashed backing, you can achieve anything in the real estate world.. Though building this confidence can take time, once you have achieved it, your partners will act faster for property deals that arise, increasing your groups net worth says, Mr. Alvernaz.

Grant Alvernaz: Century 21 Hometown Realty

Grant Alvernaz has held a number of noteworthy and distinguished positions in the real estate business that has raised more than a few eyebrows. Mr. Alvernaz says that each of these positions have helped contribute to his personal and professional success throughout his career, but that one that helped his development the most was his time with the business Century 21. In November of 2004, Grant Alvernaz officially became a part of the Century 21 team, hired on as a professional residential real estate broker. Century 21, as their official website describes themselves is, “Century 21 Real Estate LLC ( is the franchisor of the world's largest residential real estate franchise sales organization, providing brand marks, comprehensive training and marketing support for the CENTURY 21® System. The System is comprised of more than 102,000 affiliated sales professionals in approximately 6,900 offices in 75 countries and territories worldwide. CENTURY 21 Real Estate is recognized as a leader in e-marketing and has received numerous awards.”

Grant Alvernaz became a part of the Century 21 team because of their history of customer service and satisfaction. Mr. Alvernaz has always believed in a set of business standards and code, and that they are the hallmark of a well run business. Century 21 has won numerous awards for highest overall satisfaction rating for First Time and Repeat Home Buyers. Mr. Alvernaz says that through Century 21's business model and professionality, he grew as an individual and Realtor, and learned many of the techniques that would later maek him a formidable and well versed real estate professional and business owner himself. Grant Alvernaz says that your accumulated work history is what helps mold you into who you are, which is why you should never simply take the first job offer, but only pursue becoming an employee of companies you can be proud to be a part of.

Grant Alvernaz: Educational History

Grant Alvernaz cannot emphasize enough the importance of education in both a professional and personal sense. Mr. Alvernaz says that he owes much of his personal success and development to getting a solid education. Education, Mr. Alvarnaz says, is like a concrete foundation for the rest of your career to be built upon, and much like an actual building, the stronger the foundation, the further up you can build. Mr. Alvernaz believes whole heatedly in this philosophy, and says that was why he personally attended the California Polytechnic State University. The California Polytechnic State University has a rich history, and as the official website for the school says itself, “The founding of California Polytechnic State University, with its “learn-by-doing” philosophy, began when local journalist Myron Angel gathered a group of citizens in 1894 to lobby for a state school in San Luis Obispo. On March 8, 1901, Governor Gage signed legislation to establish the California Polytechnic School. On a visit to San Luis Obispo on May 9, 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt praised the citizens for their support of the state school.”

Grant Alvernaz said he chose the California Polytechnic School because of it's belief in hands on training and experience as being superior to simply theoretical training and tutelage. Mr. Alvernaz says that this method of teaching best resembles the real working world, and that more schools should try to model the California Polytechnic model of teaching. Mr. Alvernaz says that when he graduated from the school in 2006 with a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Business, he felt truly prepared for the professional world he was about to become a part of. Mr. Alvernaz also says that too often this is not the case, and that as a society we need to look to our education standards to improve the future of education.

Grant Alvernaz: Creating Sound Business Practices

Grant Alvernaz is an eminently qualified real estate professional who has served in many areas of the industry for many years. Grant Alvernaz is also a business owner and is the Founder of Alvernaz Partners LLC, a California based real estate brokerage firm.
In addition to his responsibilities at Alvernas Partners LLC, Grant Alvernaz also manages two separate debt funds that are focused on the acquisition, rehabilitation, and disposition of residential properties.

For many years, Grant Alvernaz has utilized his skills and expertise in business management to successfully operate a number of projects in business, as well as his own brokerage firm. Grant Alvernaz has committed his career to providing excellent results for clients, a prerogative of which, as Grant Alvernaz believes, is paramount when it comes to generating success with any business.
Being able to provide clients with outstanding service that caters to their specific needs is a trademark of every successful business, says Grant Alvernaz.

By establishing consistent practices that add value to the company through added efficiency, according to Grant Alvernaz, business owners can better ensure their company’s profitability in both the short, and long-term.

Grant Alvernaz has demonstrated dedication to the execution of solid practices at not only his brokerage firm, but in the management of a number of projects. In addition to his work at his brokerage firm, Alvernaz Partners LLC, Grant Alvernaz also manages two separate debt funds that are focused on the acquisition, disposition, and rehabilitation of residential properties.
Grant Alvernaz is a graduate of California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo.

Grant Alvernaz: Tips For Putting Your House Up For Sale

Grant Alvernaz is a highly qualified and successful real estate professional in the state of California. As the Founder of Alvernaz Partners LLC, Grant Alvernaz oversees a number of responsibilities related to the selling of property. While home sales are just one of the aspects that the brokerage firm that Grant Alvernaz founded handles, he holds extensive experience and expertise in the area of selling homes, including as an agent for individuals and families.

When it comes to seeking a buyer for your property, Grant Alvernaz recommends consulting and entrusting a highly reputable brokerage firm. Having a team of experts on your side can be an invaluable asset when it comes to successfully finding a buyer for your home, according to Grant Alvernaz.

The challenges that face those who are looking to sell their home are many. Factors such as changes in property value, needed repairs and rehabilitation, and other aspects, can sometimes add difficult hurdles to the process of selling a home.

Additionally, Grant Alvernaz recommends that whenever making the decision to sell a home, one should always be sure that they are comfortable with their decision, which, as Grant Alvernaz states, is final and binding.

According to Grant Alvernaz, a surprisingly significant number of potential home sellers become less and less interested in selling their property throughout the process of having their home up for sale. These ‘second thoughts’, according to Grant Alvernaz, are often a result of yet to be realized potential in their home, or other factors such as sentiment.

However, if you’re serious about selling your property, being committed to the goal of getting the best price in as quick a time-frame as possible can certainly pay major dividends. Grant Alvernaz says that with the professional guidance and assistance of a real estate brokerage firm, selling your home is likely to be much more efficient and financially rewarding.

Grant Alvernaz: Selling Your Home

Grant Alvernaz is trusted by many for his residential property expertise. As a licensed real estate broker, Grant Alvernaz is able to offer great advice and tips for people looking to sell their homes.

Grant Alvernaz suggests trusting the selling of your home to a reputable and honest brokerage firm. As a professional broker, Grant understands that there are many brokerage choices currently available, particularly in the Bay-Area real estate market, and that choosing the right one to sell your home can often times seem daunting.

Grant Alvernaz has over 10 years of experience providing expert home selling services, and has earned a strong reputation as one of the best home-selling professionals in San Francisco. He recommends proper brokerage vetting before securing a professional real estate broker.

Grant Alvernaz also recommends keeping a steady eye on the market and your surrounding area. Selling your home can be a difficult proposition, particularly during an economic downturn or a slowing in the real estate market. Grant Alvernaz suggests that a homeowner should exercise patience whenever possible. You want to get the most value for your home, and it’s important to put your property on the market at just the right time. Grant Alvernaz understands that it isn’t always possible to wait for a favorable real estate market to sell your home, though a market upswing can help you get the most from a transaction.

Grant Alvernaz is committed to making the home-selling process as easy as possible. He offers superlative real estate services.

Grant Alvernaz Talks Real Estate

Grant Alvernaz is an experienced and licensed real estate broker, as well as a real estate investment expert. With a decade of industry experience under his belt, Grant Alvernaz is able to offer sound and well-supported advice on your next home purchase.

Grant Alvernaz emphasizes the need for research. There are many homes and residential properties available on the market today. Each home is unique in terms of age, size, style and location. Grant Alvernaz recommends that potential home buyers looking into the history and quality of the properties they’re interested in before making a final purchasing decision.

Grant Alvernaz also recommends seeking out a trusted real estate professional for guidance. There is always an abundance of qualified and experienced real estate brokers on the market, but how exactly do you know who you can trust? Grant Alvernaz underlines the importance of broker research. Look into both the brokerage firm and broker background before making a decision on who you will trust to connect you with your new home.

Perhaps the most important thing to determine, says Grant Alvernaz, is a reasonable price range for your next residential property purchase. Review your financial situation before beginning your new home search. This helps to narrow your search and gives your broker a great starting off point.

Buying a new home is serious business. Grant Alvernaz knows that a new home or property purchase is a significant investment, and that every factor should be taken into consideration before committing to a purchase. Properly vet both your finances and your brokerage before beginning your search.

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Grant Alvernaz is considered by many to be a real estate expert. He has many years of experience in both residential and commercial property investment. As the founder of Alvernaz Partners, LLC, Grant Alvernaz manages a debt fund that focuses on the acquisition, rehabilitation and disposition of 1-4 unit residential properties. The properties Grant Alvernaz manages are primarily located in the California Bay Area.