Kathryn's Family Community

All About My Family

My family is pretty ordinary. I have two older brothers, one who graduated high school two years ago, and one who is currently a junior, attending Apollo High School.

My mom stays home and takes care of me, and my older brother, and my oldest brother lives in an apartment with his girlfriend. My dad makes the money and works at Electrolux and sometimes takes overtime and stays at work.

My mom's side is from almost everywhere in Europe, including Germany, France, England, etc. A part of my mom's side is also Mexican. My dad immigrated to the United States from Laos. Most of my relatives from my dad's side also moved to the United States. My mom's side is related to a king from the 1400s by blood.

Traditional Holidays I Celebrate

My family celebrates traditional holidays like Christmas, Halloween, occasionally Easter, and Thanksgiving.

For Christmas, every year we go to my uncle's house on Christmas Eve for Dinner, games, music, and opening presents.

For Thanksgiving, sometimes we celebrate it alone (just me, my parents, and my siblings) and sometimes we go to my aunt's or uncle's house.

On Easter, we usually stay home and celebrate it and sometimes we go over to my aunt's house.

Finally, on Halloween, sometimes I go trick-or-treating with my friends or younger cousins. Afterwards, we'd go to my aunt's house for a bag of candy.


Q. Why is your community important to you?

A. My community is important to me because I like the way that my family thinks. I also agree with their religious and political beliefs.

Q. Why would others want to join your community?

A. Others would want to join my community because I think my family is supportive and accepting.

My community is different from other communities because the part of my family that I've met don't celebrate most religious holidays or events.