Semana 19, Día 5

Finishing U5 L1 ¡Es viernes! ¡Feliz fin de semana!

¡Enhorabuena! Shout out to Aidan for keeping me informed of his travels. He checked in before he left and again when he returned. How was Las Vegas Aidan?

Aviso: L2 is much longer than L1. L1 due tonight. Start L2 as soon as possible.

Although L1 will not close for another week, go ahead and wrap up L1 and start into L2. You will have next week, which is short week to get half of L2 done.

Lección: Some help with Gustar, a backwards acting verb...

Is there the subject pronoun "I" in any of the following sentences?

It pleases me to go shopping. Going shopping pleases me.

It pleases me to play the piano. Playing piano pleases me.

NOOOOO!!!!! No "I". No "I like to go shopping." No, "I like to play the piano."

Keep this in mind as you work with gustar:

Me gusta ir de compras.

Me gusta tocar el piano.

¡Extra, extra! Describing people...the ongoing event-

Este muchacho está asustado. Parece muy estresado y preocupado.