Colonial fashion:clothes and hair

Claire and Simone

What did the colonial people look like?

The girls wore three petticoats,stockings,garters,a waistcoat,a coif,an apron,a pocket,and shoes.The boys wore stockings,garters,breeches,doublet,shoes,points,and a hat. Babys wore a pudding.Puddings are a soft pillow around the babys middle,so if the baby falls,they won't get hurt.

Where did people buy their clothes?

They didn't buy their clothes anywhere,most people made their clothes.They planted flax to make lien thread.Grandmothers job was to card the wood.The children gathered flowers and berries and roots to make the dye to color yarn.People wore bright colored clothes in the colonial days-yellow,red,purple,and blue.Girls wore bright red cloaks and hoods.Boy wore gay colored stocking and caps.

Was there a special time for making clothes?

The time for making clothes was all the time.When the boys took their sheep to the fields,they took along a small loom.Then they could weave while they watch the sheep.When women went visiting,they brought their spinning wheels along.They tied their spinning wheel to the back of their horses.So they can spin while they visited,and no one can say that they were wasting their time.

How did they wear their hair?

Girls kept their hair covered in either in a hat,or a hood,or kerchiefs.Boys wears a wig,or have long hair.Wigs are called "goat hair wigs,or horse hair wigs".They also have wig of wires!