Nile River

Supporting The Egyption Civilization


These are some of the goods they traded for example, they traded things like deben also known as copper and grain. The Egyptians offerd gold, papyrus, linen, high- quality stone for building and cattle. Here at some pictures of what they traded.

Physical features

The Nile River flows form South to North.The Blue Nile and the White Nile come together in the Sudan and form Egypt. The NIle River also gave the Egyptians isolation and also blocked the emenys from attacking.


The farmers suported plants and animals.They Egyptians also had a twelve month calendar. They had three different seasons Inudation when it floods, Emergenceis for planting and growing,and Hartest.

Daily life

"They drank from the Nile, bathed in the Nile and used it for farming,cooking,and cleaning." The homes were made of bricks that were and of mud. The first class also known as the upper class hunted birds and hippos for fun.

"Hymn to the Nile"

"You create the grain, you bring forth the barely,

assuring perpetuity (survival) to the temples. If

you cease your toil and your work, then all that

exists is in anguish." (pg41)