Eyal Golan

israeli singer

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Eyal Golan bron on April 12, 1971.

Eyal Golan is Highly regarded singer Israel.

Eyal Golan became entangled in some cases illegal ...

Eyal Golan won 11 times the title of "Singer of the Year" eight times as "Song of the Year" and winning the title of "singer of the decade"

Eyal Golan chnged his name Eyal Bitton Eyal Golan commercial reasons (Golan is the surname of his mother Ronit).

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אייל גולן שישי בצהריים Eyal Golan

Getting started of Eyal Golan

In 1989, at age 18, caught the ears of the author Sharabi score. Golan showed up at a family event and a mutual acquaintance recognized him Lsrabi. Golan recorded the single "Donia - face of an angel"

In 1990, a year later began collecting material to the album without the help Sharabi.

In 1994 Golan started to appear and connect to the genre of eastern and Middle Day events appeared Bmoadnim and began to sing songs of Zohar Argov, Avner Gadassi, Boaz Sharabi and the number of Turkish and Moroccan songs.

In 1996 he produced his impresario Yishai Ben-Zur, the album's second album Golan "Eyal Golan Live", which was, as it were, a recording of a live performance, in fact, this is a studio album.