Universal Cruises

To Mercury, Venus, Mars


  • 67.24 million miles away from the sun.
  • Venus has cannons, volcanoes , lava flows, valleys , mountains and creators.
  • Venus takes 224.7 days to go around the sun.
  • average temperature is 462 degrees celsius.
  • the surface is smooth.
  • Mercury name comes from latin.


  • 35.98 million miles away from the sun.
  • Mercury is covered in creators. its like the moon!
  • It takes 88 days to orbit the sun.
  • The dark side of mercury is -173 celsius the day side can be 427 celsius.
  • The surface is rocky.
  • Mercury comes from latin.


  • 141.6 million miles away from the sun.
  • Mars has creators like the moon, and mountains , valleys , ice caps like the earth.
  • It takes 678 days to orbit around the sun.
  • it varies between -133 - 27 degree celsius.
  • The surface can be rocky or smooth.
  • Mars comes from latin.
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