Janella Vargas

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  • 20 years old
  • I speak English & Spanish
  • Heterosexual
  • Religious but I do not put a label on myself


Race/Ethnicity is important to me because it makes me the person who I am today. I am not saying that my race defines me but it has impacted my point of view in life, especially majoring in Early Childhood/Special Ed. When you think of your teachers in elementary school, were they of color? For me that answer would be no partially because I was raised in a suburban area but also because even today it is still so rare. I am Puerto Rican and Dominican and although I do not speak fluent Spanish I am still learning and can understand very well. Being a hispanic teacher puts me at an advantage not only because I know another language but because children from different races can look up to me because I am the "rare" one. I want to make an impact in children's lives because they can achieve anything regardless of race, economic status, and gender. I want to encourage diversity in teaching because it is much needed. My biggest accomplishment in life is to be the first hispanic teacher in my family and it is such a passion of mine to be able to help children of all different races/ethnicities help their dreams come true.


I was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania. I lived in the suburbs known as West Lawn and went to Wilson school district all my life. Berks county will always have my heart because I still have friends and family there. I now live in the suburbs of Lancaster. I was very sheltered and nothing was ever far where I lived so I was always close to home. Being so close to home and living in the same region for eighteen years made me want to travel all over the world. When I graduate I want to travel and maybe even teach overseas.