Apes Hill Club

Duke of York Results & Clubhouse Update

Duke of York Match

On every Friday the 13th, a special match is played between Apes Hill Club and Royal Westmoreland. Played on the 13th, at 13:00 hours, with 13 clubs over 13 holes. Yesterday our team played at Royal Westmoreland who defeated us with 358 points to our 313 points. This means the Duke of York Trophy will remain 'down the hill' until the next Friday 13th, which is in November.

Clubhouse Construction Update

The first foundations have now been poured which is an exciting step for the advancement of our new Clubhouse.

Full steam ahead.......

Tennis Court Update

Our courts will soon be ready for play. Lights are up, surfaces down, lines painted and now just a few finishing touches!

Today the court fences are going up and special grade tennis sand is being spread.

Just look how beautiful the landscaping is..... just a perfect location to be playing tennis!

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