Alaskan Malamute Puppies For Sale!

(Pure bred- $200-$700)

About their breed....

This breed is definitely a family dog, and if you don't have your own family, it's still for you! This kind loving dog will be just as good to you as you are to it. They love people and Extremely love attention. Probably best if it's in a colder climate sue to it's double layer coat.

A dog that is to die for

Exeptional Reasons to Buy

These dogs just need the essentials that any dog needs. A good grooming 2 times a month will be sufficient, but watch out for their shedding weeks. Then extensive grooming will be needed. It has the basic diet of kibble, but not many dairy products will be appreciated by the dog. They can get very ill from them. Just good loyal love will be needed from you, and you'll get that in return. This is a dog that really just wants to please it's owner.

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